Brain Freeze ~

Blogging, sometimes easier said then done, isn’t it?  I’ve attempted to write a post on a few occasions without success. Searching for words to provide that sense of comfort, hope and desire to share something new or exchange tips to help manage our daily lives just wasn’t happening!  Hard to imagine I’d every be at a loss for words!  Brain freeze right here!  🙂  I’m finally recognizing limitations do indeed play a huge role in my every day life.   A good reminder that I need to focus, do what I can, and turn the rest over to Him! Let it go!

And there was my challenge.  The infection of my foot continued.  I presented to urgent care with a low-grade fever, my foot resembling that of an elephant, swollen with no sign of bone structure.  So large that I could’nt fit into shoes. The doctor prescribed the typical course of treatment:  antibiotic, elevation, warm compresses and rest.   PT was put on hold until this matter clears.

Needless to say, a few weeks later, infection has subsided but the wound is still closing.  Talk about frustration!  I’m trying to understand the possible underlying cause(s) for my rather bizarre, lingering infections I’ve had over the past several months.  Remembering, not all issues are MS related.  Added to my “to do” list, a recommended visit to a hematologist.  Never thought of this.  Of course, I went right to the computer to educate myself and see if this seemed reasonable.  It did.  I’ve been struggling with below normal white blood cell counts (our infection fighters) for a year now. Love my previous blood work history for comparison!  A good eval should provide answers and/or rule out concerns. 🙂

On a positive note…hubby has a conference in Cape May, NJ. One of my favorite places to be, the shore!  Talk about pushing my happy buttons!  Nothing beats the peace and serenity the ocean can bring!  One of God’s great provisions to enjoy!

“Count Your Blessings!”


  1. Susan Clark Denny

    I am so sorry the foot continues to be an issue! And I’m claiming brain freeze for my lack of blogging for the past 4, no 5, wait, maybe 6 months. Now the problem is this current MS mess. Love you, girl!

    • I can appreciate your comment, GF. Your courage inspires me and the lives your touch daily! 🙂


    Hello dear friend,..So sorry to hear you have been struggling with ongoing infections. Just a thought??? Are you still on that “different” diet that we talked about quite a few months ago. The one from that woman where you were going to try it? You know you need protein to build red blood cells the ones that give us energy (hemoglobin) and do good things. Are you eating any meats? Just asking because I love you and care so very much! Hugs, Karen

    • Love your thoughts and comment Karen. I was following the Wahls Paleo Protocol but lost too much weight (never thought I’d say that). I’ve modified and have stabilized. I do eat lots of greens, fruits and meats (all types). Red blood cells have been good, however, still trying to increase White Blood Cell levels. Neuro reduced Rebif to 22 mcg. Numbers are beginning to improve as I hope to be in the normal range soon. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! Missed talking to you at church! Love you ~

  3. Sorry you’ve been having a bad time with that infection Catherine… and those moments of blog ‘fog’ I can certainly identify with. Take care… Diane

    • Thank you Diane…true appreciation I hear with the brain fog! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Jill

    Hey girlfriend…nothing like some time at the shore 🌊 to cure whatever is ailing you! Sending you healing prayers 🙏 my friend that Jehovah Rophe will place His healing hands 👏 on you once again & cause this infection & that foot to heal up good as new! 😘 love you my friend, please take care. 💚

    • Hey GF! Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers! My prayer warrior always hard at work! Look forward to talking to you soon!

  5. Keep up the good work, I hope your feeling better soon. Miss you😘

    • One step at a time Chris! 🙂 Hope your new pupper is doing well! 🙂

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