A Chance Meeting ~

Sometimes in life we’re so fortunate to have the pleasure to meet some amazing people.  Often, we don’t even recognize the impact they have on our lives until we take the time to reflect, smile and clearly see God’s hand in it all.  I experienced that with one special MSer.

I fondly remember when I began my new job as an MSLifeLines Ambassador in 2004.  Along with MS Neurologist and healthcare professionals, my role was to provide education, support and hope for MSers and their loved ones from a patient’s perspective living with MS.   These programs were scattered across the states. One such program was MS Cruise for a Cause sponsored by the MSF (Multiple Sclerosis Foundation http://www.msfocus.org/). Talk about an amazing opportunity to meet and greet MSers and their families, all centrally located!  Exciting!

MS Cruise for a Cause is still running strong.  On board, you’ll enjoy great programs from leading MS neurologist, MS Nurses, and patient ambassadors sponsored by pharmaceutical companies – just like me.  As an added bonus, you could take advantage of venturing the port of calls or attend a support group!  There were always activites for everyone.

I elected to attend the support group taking place during a port of call.  That’s where I met sweet Alicia. I was thrilled to spend time with amazing MSers and their loved ones.  There were about ten of us present.  You could sense the tension as I sat down.  You know that awkward feeling.  It became clear to me what was on their mind.  Miss Alicia frankly asked, with her beautiful smile, “Why are you here and not enjoying the island?”  I took a deep breath, smiled back, and shared, “This is where I wanted to be.”  Her smile disappeared as tears filled her eyes stating, “but you can walk!”  (Miss Alicia and the majority of attendees were scooter bound)  “You’re one smart lady, Miss Alicia!”  I replied.  “We don’t know what tomorrow brings, but for today, let’s make the choice to enjoy each other’s company!”  I grabbed her hands, embraced her and joked, “okay, tissues for all!”  Priceless smiles, conversations and friendships were ready to begin. Did I mention I loved this job?!?

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart,

 I shall say that life is good ~ Helen Keller

 (received from Miss Alicia)

After all these years, Miss Alicia and I have remained in touch through phone calls and mail. Living miles apart did not impact the bond we developed.  Her courage, determination and Christ-centered spirit continues to touch my life in so many ways! Two strangers, with a chance meeting, leave as treasured friends!  Because of MS, He placed me in a position to help others any way I could.  For that, I truly Count My Blessings each and every day!

Keep up the great work as you reach out and touch lives today!

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. It is wonderful when you meet someone (even through cyberspace) who you just have that special connection with…. Diane

    • That it is, Diane! You are one special cyber friend! 🙂 Cath

  2. Glad for you and the impact you had and still have.

    • Thank you friend! 🙂

  3. LOVE this! God all over it and you dear Cath with the vision to “see” it. 🙂

    • Thank you Lilka! 🙂

    • Refreshing that He is! Blessings to one special blogger!

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