MSers…But You Look So Good

Last night, my husband and I were enjoying our typical day’s end conversation when he asked about my Survey Says ~ Wednesday poll this week, Do People Assume You Look So Good, You Really Are?  “What does that mean?”  I responded, “Remember a discussion we had about the comment MSers often hear during conversations?”  I could see the puzzled look on his face. “Yes, I do, but do all bloggers reading the poll know that fact?”  Ugh! A poor assumption on my part!

Please accept my sincere apologies for what might have been perceived to be a rather self-centered and vain question. I’m far for that!  Many MSers and others managing a chronic illness often hear but you look so good when inside the body is in complete turmoil.

No doubt, these comments are said with good intention. In fact, most feel bad, don’t know what to say and are simply trying to comfort with their words. Others, well, I politely smile and say “thank you” while inside thinking, “if you only knew how I truly felt.”

MS has many invisible symptoms: fatigue, pain, weakness, numbness, vision issues, just to name a few. Patients often look fine on the outside but their symptoms are raging on the inside. Communication holds an important opportunity for us to share exactly how we’re feeling to those we love in our life. We want them to understand. This is not always easy, for so many different reasons.  Some patients are open books and are more than happy to share, while others don’t want to say one word, drawl attention to themselves, or prefer to just forget about it.   Can you relate to any these options?

This topic brings to mind a talented, fellow MS Ambassador I had the pleasure to work with, Kristie Salerno Kent. She courageously battles her invisible symptoms despite the comment but you look so good.  Take a peek at her video The Show Must Go On.  “Slip into your MS Costume” and prepare to experience the day-to-day life of MSers.

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. To be honest Catherine my ‘MS’ brain didn’t quite understand the last question…. Most of the time when people say ‘you look good’ etc. I say thank you .. I really don’t explain too much… unless they ask more questions… Diane

    • As suspected Diane. I have a delayed reaction MS Brain here…:) I can be that open book, if you ask most of the time! Hope you had a nice weekend Diane!

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