Advocacy Means Hope

charliebrown2It’s been a long and interesting few weeks working on my neuro’s recommendations for my MS “Now What?” Appointments, appointments and you guessed it, more appointments.  Next, follow-up with prescription supplier – and the fun continues!

As I mentioned in my post, Life as We Know It, her recommendations made good sense to switch DMD.  My neuro submit to Copaxone the necessary prescription requests:  medication, auto-injector and their nurse to come to our home to teach me how to inject.  Easy enough, right?  Not so fast!

Do you ever find yourself smack in the middle of trying to figure out what’s fact or fiction with your physician’s office and/or drug supplier?  Each claiming they did or did not receive the necessary requests?  Passing the buck back and forth? Could someone please just admit they forgot to send, perhaps scripts are floating on someone’s desk, just be honest! I make mistakes all the time (imagine that) and guess what?  It will happen again!  Life, isn’t it!?!

Brittany and John final (1)After nearly four weeks of phone calls, emails and ultimately demands with supervisors, I have received my Copaxone, the auto-injector and expecting to receive my formal training this week.  PTL!  It’s imperative to be your own advocate and hold others accountable for their actions and decisions made on our behalf. Help you understand what is or is not happening.  Both you and your family deserve just that!

Since being diagnosed in 2000, I know and value the importance of being on an effective DMD that your body will indeed respond to, protecting yourself from the damage MS can bring.  We know today, what is broken can not be fixed, but I hold on tight for what the future promise of Hope will bring!  I want to be ready!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Jill

    Praising the Lord you FINALLY received it!!! Birthday gift??? Keep fighting the good fight my dear, dear friend! Love you! 😘 jill

    • Hey Jill! Praising the Lord indeed! Next chapter will begin soon! Love ya!

  2. I only wish I had learned at a much younger age, how to advocate for myself. Even when we do so, roadblocks and passing the buck still happens. I used to work many years ago in two different doctor’s offices, and frankly I am so surprised at the lack of urgency now days, or follow-up; never mind getting past the ‘voice mails’… It’s just ‘different’ I guess than what I remember…. Diane

  3. Diane, I believe we’re both spoiled because of our past history with most physicians wanting to help and care for their patients, You are so right about modern day medicine, completely different practice, for varying reasons. That’s were our advocacy comes in…Thank you for your comment. Hope you’re doing good! 🙂

  4. Frustrating to say the least, so good it was resolved for you Cath, thinking of you.

    Blessings – Anne.

    • Thank you Anne. You know this oh so well! Hope all is good with you and enjoy your day! Blessings to you too! 🙂 Cath

  5. “Hope” is a good word, Cath 😉

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