The Joys of Posting…

Getting back to doing what I enjoy very much, blogging. Writing has always been a struggle for me.  So many ideas and topics are constantly churning in my mind.  Finally, it’s time to post!  I find myself often staring at the blank document page as I attempt to formulate my thoughts.  Notes abound as I strive to remain focused on a given topic without being all over the place. In other orders, I want to create a post with nice flow! Hubby shared with me a great formula he follows:  “tell them what you want to tell them (opening paragraph), tell them (the body), and tell them again (conclusion).”  Brillant!

Easier said than done sometimes!  While his formula sounds good in theory, it required me to remain awake long enough to do so. The past year has been quite the challenge with my multiple sclerosis.  Despite changing my MS injectable, my white blood cells continued to deplete, robbing me of my infection-fighting cells and the little energy I had left!  My liver enzymes had been significantly higher for the past six months too. This was all so new for me.  Of course, more labs and ultrasounds to rule out other problems with my liver, including cancer!  Perfect!  I had myself convinced this was it.  I felt the urgency to get everything in order, say what I needed to say to hubby and the kids before it was too late! Talk about drama, that was me alright!  

I received a phone call from my doctor last week, my lab and ultrasound results were in…everything was within normal limits again!  My body was finally responding to the new DMT, Copaxone, based on these results. Relief and praises right here!!!  

And so begins a New Year, filled with hopes, dreams and blogger friendships to cultivate while embracing the joys and challenges we face along the way!  Who knows, you just might find yourself reading posts with nice flow!  Stay tuned!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Congrats on starting the new year off well. 🙂 Blog when you want and how you want because when I read blogs there are never two that are written the same. Feel good, and do your thing whatever it is. 🙂

    • You’re the best Judy! Thank you for your encouragement! Stay warm and be safe in the snow heading our way! 🙂

  2. I’ve found blogging to be more of a challenge than I thought. Not in the sense that I struggle for a subject, or that I don’t feel like writing. But that I’ve found myself logging on to post when I’m at my absolute worst. When I’m feeling so low about MS and life in general… and I get halfway through the post and think to myself, “This is WAY too depressing and whiny, I don’t want anyone to read it.” The funny thing is, I think just writing out the post gets it off my chest, gives me a sense of relief, and I didn’t have to even publish the post. I just delete it and go do something else.
    So it was nice today to finally feel like writing a post that wasn’t spurred by feeling so overwhelmed by emotion. (Ironically, the post WAS about being over-emotional, but I wasn’t over-emotional at the time of writing it, heheh.)
    Glad to read that you’re ready to post some more, too!

    • I can appreciate and relate to your comment, Jennifer. You’ve been “overwhelmed” by the challenges of MS and life in general and remain a consistent fighter, processing, mourning allowing yourself to move forward. Important, isn’t it? You can be proud of yourself for just that! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

      • Thank you so much, Cath!

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