Snow, It’s Winter After All!

Snow, snow, and yet more snow!  It’s winter after all!  The blizzard, Jonas, paid a visit to the east coast over the weekend, depositing a mere 26 inches here.  Not one thing you could do to slow or stop the paralyzing effects of this snowstorm.  Our whole area was completely shut down.  As I looked out the window and watch the snow steadily fall, the wind loudly blowing, I couldn’t help but think about my current status with MS.  The similarities…disrupting normal routines, paralyzing you right in your tracks.

maxJust as one would prepare for snow storms:  stocking up with food (many frantically clearing the shelves at the market), water, shovels, flashlights, candles, and for our techy friends, chargers to keep their phones alive, unless you lose electric.  Yikes!  You need to take the same due diligence preparing  your life with MS.  Stock up and do what you can.

allieAnd just like the uncertainty of snowstorms, I face my own concerns with MS progression.  I’ve graduated from Relapsing Remitting MS to Secondary Progressive MS. As I process and manage what this all means for me, I can’t stress enough the importance of starting therapy immediately following diagnosis. Today, there are 13 DMT’s to choose from.  In 2000, I had three!  Make a choice and begin treatment to reduce relapses, to reduce lesion load, and to reduce disability risks from this horrific disease. If it’s not a good fit for you, there are still 12 others to try! Choices, hope, living life to its fullest, that’s my prayer for you.

Some situations, like snowstorms, cannot be controlled.  What I can do is remain determined to do what I can while facing the challenges of MS.  I trust God will give me strength, direction, and courage to weather this storm as well!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Chris

    Hi Cath, beautifully well put! My heart aches for you as well, speaking for myself there are days when I feel I take five steps forward & ten back. Keep up your hard work, positive attitude & personally our family is going thru a terrible crisis & if nothing else it has taught me what a precious gift life is & how much you inspire & help others all the time😘

    • You are a blessing to all, Chris. A good reminder – “what a precious gift life is.” Let’s touch base soon! Hugs and prayers for you and your family friend!!!

  2. Ryan

    Well said!

    • Thank you for the visit, Ryan!

  3. Susan Clark Denny

    ♥ you, girlfriend! SWAK!

    • Right back at ya! Hope you’re surviving the weather in your neck of the woods! 🙂

  4. Excellent advice. When I was told probable MS in 1986, there was nothing to be done. When I was diagnosed in 1996, the second medicine had just been released. Those diagnosed today have a much better long-term prognosis, but the discovery of a cure will be the best news yet!

  5. I like your comparison of MS to the snowstorm…. very apropos. 🙂

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