Caregivers…Our Special Blessings

When I think about caregivers, my hubby, family and dear friends immediately come to mind.  Their unconditional love, care, ability to listen, to lend a shoulder to cry on, and even crack a joke to lighten my day is priceless.  My true lifelines!

Today, I’d like to share with you an interview of one amazing caregiver who does just that, Cathy Sikorski.  She recently composed a heartfelt story reflecting her role as caregiver to her special Nana, Showering With Nana:  Confessions of a Serial (Killer) Caregiver.  Please enjoy!

Q:  Tell us a little about you, Cathy?

CATHY:  I have been a lawyer for 30 years. My practice morphed into limiting it to Elder Law issues when over the last 25 years, I have been or continue to be a caregiver for seven different family members and friends. I am lucky to have two beautiful grown daughters and a very patient husband who has been with me for all those 30 years!

Q:  What inspired you to write, Showering With Nana:  Confessions of a Serial (Killer) Caregiver.

CathyBookCATHY:  During that crazy time of being ‘sandwiched’ between my 92-year-old Nana and my two-year-old toddler, I kept a diary, mostly to keep me sane. As I continued my caregiving journey, I realized that everyone who was living this struggle was probably laughing a bit along the way, and if not, I’d like to share a laugh or two with them to ease the burden, if only for a moment.

Q:  Caregiving can be both rewarding, yet exhausting.  It’s a hard role!  What motivated you to take care of Nana?

CATHY:  My Dad died at 29-years-old in a helicopter crash in the Army. My Mom had five children and was pregnant. At that juncture, we move home to live with my Nana and never left. I had a big debt to repay, and gladly.

Q:  It’s obvious humor plays a big role in who you are.  Do you find this helpful while managing the ups and downs of a caregiver?

CATHY:  Humor isn’t just helpful, it’s a necessity. I continue my caregiving life as the primary caregiver for my brother-in-law who has severe progressive MS and is wheelchair bound, and also for a friend with a traumatic brain injury, who is living on her own, but has disability issues. Without humor, I can’t imagine a good day.The best thing is those I care for ALSO have a rockin’ good sense of humor and we laugh together often and hard!

Q:  Could you share any recommendations or words of encouragement you might have for caregivers?

CATHY:  Caregivers hear the broken record of “you have to take care of yourself” and “ask for help.” But I’m just gonna’ put that record back on. YOU HAVE TO BE THE HEALTHIEST PERSON IN THE ROOM, when you’re a caregiver. The only way to do that is to take some time to care for yourself. From getting manicure, to even just putting in headphones and listening to music or comedy tapes that make you laugh and lift your spirits. I know it’s so hard to carve time for yourself, especially for caregivers living with their charges. But this is where asking for help matters. There are agencies, and their are friends and family. Do it. Just do it. You may be the best, but you’re not the ‘only’.

Q:  Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

CATHY:  I would love for your readers to purchase my book at Amazon at this link!  Or they can just go to and type in Cathy Sikorski and it will magically appear!

Q:  What’s up next for you?

CATHY:  I’m currently working on a companion book of the most important things caregivers need to do and know…with, of course, a humorous bent! I’m also speaking about comedy in caregiving and important legal issues for caregivers. And there’s always book signings. If any of your readers would like me to come to their book club and discuss my book they can contact me at 

I love hearing from my readers!

Thanks, Cath, for the opportunity!

I’m so happy our paths crossed, Cathy!  You play such a significant role as caregiver to your family and dear friends.  No doubt, it means the world to them!

Keep up the great work as you impact the lives of many, that includes me! 🙂

“Count Your Blessings”




  1. Love it! Shared it with my son.

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    • One special son and caregiver, Susan! Love you GF!

  2. doreenb8

    This is a wonderful interview! I am so glad to hear Cathy is working on another book.

    • Glad you enjoyed Doreen. Thank you for stopping by. Love Cathy’s gift of encouragement with her never-ending humor! Enjoy your day!

  3. Thanks for introducing a great book! I just looked on the UK website and it’s available here so I might just have to treat myself to that! 🙂 As for caregivers – I’m fortunate to have an amazing husband who is so very patient!!! 🙂

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