“Now What’s” Unraveled

It’s been a rather busy few weeks in our neck of the woods.  The continual rain has subsided allowing the many benefits only mother nature can bring this time of the year. The birds are chirping and nesting, the flowers begin to bloom and yes, our defiant groundhog made her grand appearance from her sleepy slumber!  As for me, I continue to unravel the “Now What’s” from my recent flare.

Have you ever come to a new and scary time in your life?  Were you able to make the necessary changes to adapt to your “Now What’s?”  I’m actually pretty surprised at how well my transition here at home is going. I’m beginning to recognize and embrace my current challenges, tools, and to dos God has set before me.

My Definite Tools ~

  • Shower Chair:  This simple tool provides me the opportunity to shower while not worrying about falling and most importantly, conserving energy.

  • “Winnie” Walker:  My new-found friend replacing my cane, for now!  This compact, 3-wheeled rollator, complete with a basket, allows me the ability to maneuver around our home and out and about safely.  I quickly recognized I wasn’t as fatigued!  Bonus!  

  • Scooter:  This four-wheeled gem, complete with horn, allows me to enjoy activities when walking longer distances.  This wasn’t the easiest mode of transportation to accept!  Initially, I needed the security of my sunglasses before I would considering using the scooter in public, otherwise, no way was this happening!  I couldn’t handle the stares. Now, it just doesn’t matter.  I needed my scooter.  I’m able to have an option that allows me to do what I love, quality of life, isn’t it?  Finally, I ditched my sunglasses!  I simply share a smile, say hello, and keep motoring along.  As my hubby put it, “the scooter allows us to do what we enjoy, like walking in the park with our puppers, together!”  Love this man!

My Definite To Dos ~

  • PT:  Outpatient and at home.  No doubt, in an effort to regain optimal strength, balance and endurance again, I need to be disciplined with daily rehab to see what progress can be made.  I have outpatient PT twice a week while following an at home daily schedule.  My BalanceWear Vest received its tune up, adjusting weight location for my current needs.  I ‘ll share soon about new tools they are trying too!

  • Diet:  As things begin to settle down, it’s time to start the Wahls Protocol again. Although I realize this is not a miracle cure for my MS, I know I can’t go wrong with healthier eating, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Remember, it’s so important to continue all medications your physician has recommended! Please consult with your physician before beginning any diet, supplements, etc.! 🙂

  • MS Neurologist Follow-up:  As requested upon discharge, we will pay a visit to my neurologist to review current MRIs (brain, cervical and thoracic).  In light of my recent flare, we will also discuss if my recent switch from Rebif to Copaxone is sufficiently protecting me from MS activity.  He’s just returning from a MS conference in London…we can’t wait to talk to him!  Stay tuned!

God’s miracles of nature are found in the simplest of things – the baby birds are getting ready to leave their nests, the flowers are bursting with all their beauty, and our groundhog babies will soon appear.  All reminders that with a little tender care and nurturing, it’s possible to make the necessary changes to reveal your true potential. What will you do?

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Chair, walker, scooter – they all sound like great tools. I applaud your use of them to better your ability to move about as you want. You go girl. 🙂

    • Thank you Judy! Our trunk is full of goodies allowing me to do what I love…we need to design a method to get into the flower beds in the back of our home. They are on a hill. Stay tuned! Enjoy your day and your gardens!

  2. Love, love, LOVE your acceptance of your new normal! It reminds me of my transition – I resented the “old lady” walker, but quickly came to love it for it’s energy assistance! God is smiling as you continue this tough journey, I have no doubt!

    • Certainly is a lot easier to accept and embrace…however, the journey to get there is one tough battle filled with lots of emotions. You know what I’m talking about here. 🙂 Thank you for your words of encouragement! You are an inspiration GF! xoxo

  3. You have done well since the flare-up began.. It’s so good that you have devices to be more mobile… Hope you continue to get your strength back ! We have a lot of blessings to be thankful for… for sure! Diane xx

    • Thank you for your encouraging message Diane! Working hard and getting stronger each and every day! Truly count our blessings each and every day! Life remains good, doesn’t it? Enjoy your day! xoxo

  4. I like how you ditched the sunglasses. The scooter is a wonderful way to “motor around,” and interact with others.

    • You are so right, Sheryl! All a process in acceptance for sure! Enjoy your day! 🙂

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