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Been an interesting week here as I battle the wonderful world of managed care with one goal in mind…precertification!  Without it, Tysabri infusions will not occur.

Meanwhile, I received an alarming email I had to share.  MultipleSclerosis News Today headlined:

I personally have CVS Caremark and verified the truth behind this article.   It appears treatment decisions made between doctors and patients could be compromised by prescription carriers. I’m sickened!

Often when one carrier begins this trend, others will follow.  Does this effect you?  Contact your personal prescription carrier, check their formulary (usually on their webpage), and follow up with your neuro’s office if needed.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.  Together, I’m sure bloggers will unite and share resources or options that could be helpful! We’re in this together!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. ARRGH! Makes me want to kick everyone who wanted gov’t to be involved in healthcare right in the butt!

    • I feel your pain! We know the impact this decision will have for many. Unfortunately, I think this is just the beginning! ❤

  2. So you have decided to try Tysbri… and it wasn’t on the list was it? Diane

    • I have. A little nervous, for sure, but feel confident the Lord is weighing on my heart to fear not…so I continue to trust (most days 🙂 ) in Him! Tysabri is not listed, yet! Cath

  3. Good luck on tysabri Cath your faith will get you through it. I hope it works for you Emma

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Emma! I hope so too! How are you feeling? Your migraines?

      • Hi Cath the migraines have gone! The Tecfidera is starting to work and I am able to earn a bit of money again doing a few hours here and there. How’s you?

  4. Doctors no longer decide what tests and medications a patient will have, insurance companies and pharmacies do. Sadly, there is nothing personal about healthcare anymore.

    • That’s the sad truth for sure. I often send letters to insurance companies requesting their documents for making such decisions in writing. Often times, you’ll receive approval. They don’t seem to want to put anything in writing. It’s getting worse though!

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