MS Resources

Helpful Multiple Sclerosis Resources ~ 

Finding information on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be overwhelming and often misleading.  Below are some of my favorite resources that can provide both education and patient outreach resources.  I particularly like MSLifeLine’s Peer Connection Program.  I was blessed to have participated in this program as a MSLifeLines Ambassador.   Sometimes it helps to speak with someone who understands what it’s like to live with relapsing MS, going through what you’re going through and provide encouragement and hope that it’s going to be okay, hang in there!  : )  What is your favorite resource?




Mylin Repair Foundation:  




David Rintell, Ed.D, Educate, Motive & Humor:

Med Page Today:


Motion Therapeutics:  Weighted vest to help with neurological balance issues >

MSAA:  Peer Program, Educations Programs, MRI Assistance, Cooling Vest Assistance and more >

MSLifeLines:   Peer Connection Program, Recorded Educational Programs, Articles, Financial DMD Assistance >

Luminosity:  Brain Function Training/Games >

Fairway Solitare:  Brain Function Training/Game >

 “Count Your Blessings”





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